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I am a passionate photographer whose love lies in black-and-white film photography. Inspired by my father who passed on 19 years ago, I continue to take snapshots of life with my Nikon FE camera and Tri-X film. My father’s love for photography lives on in my photographs.


With this collection of photographs, I share my fascination for people and faces – from the kindness in the elderly to the innocence in the children – as well as for places in Beijing, Bhutan, Paris, Mumbai and many more.


It is also my desire to live a life dedicated to capturing life’s simple moments and, through the photographs, keep a memory of history. In 2014, I released my self published photo book series, Monochrome Faces and Places, the first book on Bhutan.


BEIJING Photo Journal by Angeline Teo is now available at:


BHUTAN Photobook by Angeline Teo is now available at:

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